"Before working with Will and the team at FlypChart, my editorial schedule lacked consistency and structure. At times I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of moving parts that needed to be managed to run a successful blog.

Since implementing FlypChart everything has just felt more organized. We are publishing more consistently, everyone knows which part of the strategy they are accountable for, and it has given me breathing space to focus on the strategic objectives of the business."

Jeff Bullas, Voted the World’s Top Digital and Content Marketing Influencer                                   

“The best content marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts - Emails, ads, blog posts, webinars and social messages... Not to mention the endless list of tools you need to visit to get these things done. Until now there hasn’t been a way to bring all of that together in one place. That’s what makes me so excited about FlypChart.”

Aaron Agius, Content Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of Louder Online

Is FlypChart right for your agency?

Managing multiple content clients at once can be stressful and chaotic. 

It’s stressful because client retention is always on your mind and clients’ want visibility. It’s chaotic because there are so many moving parts and you have more than one content calendar to maintain. Staying organized can become overwhelming.

You are being pulled in so many different directions that coming up for air seems like a bigger priority than getting that next blog post out. This results in missed deadlines, a haphazard posting schedule, and things not getting done when they should.

The outcome? Unhappy clients and unnecessary stress for you. 

FlypChart can help get your team organized, hold people accountable to deadlines, and provide adequate visibility for your clients.

Sound interesting? Here are the key reasons why FlypChart is right for your agency:

Stakeholder Visibility

  • Use the FlypChart editorial calendar to show your clients all of their draft, approved, and scheduled content across multiple 
    channels at a glance
  • Integrate FlypChart with other marketing tools that you already use and directly post to external applications
  • Categorize content by campaign, content type, and user, to visually see and filter the information you need

Planning and Analysis

  • Remove the chaos of a haphazard posting schedule by planning and composing 
    content from one user-friendly interface
  • Keep all of your clients' content in one place to reduce the mental clutter and improve your ability to identify gaps in the strategy

Collaboration and Accountability

  • Invite as many users as you want to join your FlypChart team so that everyone can better understand their role in executing the content strategy
  • Communicate effectively with clients, freelancers, contractors, and your own marketing team to ensure you stay organized and hold the right people accountable at all times

Client Management

  • Manage workflows and deadlines by assigning content tasks to team members then following their progress through a publication approval process
  • Easily switch between client accounts at the click of a button instead of digging through folders and spreadsheets to find the information you need


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What makes us different?

There are three main reasons why we believe FlypChart is different to other solutions on the market:

Unlimited Users

There are no limitations on the number of users that can be added to your FlypChart account, regardless of the plan you choose. We recognize that there are several stakeholders and contributing individuals that are important to your agency.


Built For Agencies

We appreciate the challenge that agencies face juggling client acquisition, retention, and delivery. Staying organized and keeping your clients happy can at times be overwhelming. FlypChart has been purpose-built to handle these challenges, and we are dedicated to improving our solution to meet the unique needs of a digital agency.

Customer Service

A lot of companies preach about customer service, but we live it. Seriously, no question is too big or too small. We will do everything humanly possible to effectively diagnose the issue, understand your perspective, and efficiently find a solution that will keep you on track. 



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