FlypChart Product Improvements (May-June)

FlypChart has come a long way since our initial BETA release over 12 months ago…

But I’ve found myself getting obsessed with momentum and forgetting to reflect back and celebrate the wins.

The truth of the matter is, we’ve been hard at work over the last few months with some pretty cool feature releases and app improvements. There are also plenty of exciting things on the horizon.

It’s time to come up for air, get out of the weeds, and share some of that with you. Because every single one of these improvements has come from direct customer feedback, so I’d be letting those customers down if I didn’t share it with the world!

For us, it’s all about bringing your content marketing activity into one place. Every feature we develop is aligned with that vision.

Here are 5 big improvements we’ve made to FlypChart in the last couple of months:

1. Board-style content workflow

Perhaps the biggest change to our UI in recent times has been an overhaul of the content workflow.

“LaunchPad” is where all the action happens in FlypChart, and it’s now an intuitive drag-and-drop content workflow like nothing else on the market. You can quickly add content ideas, preview content, and move it between key approval stages all without leaving a page. There is also a powerful search and filtering system that enables you to find the content you need.

Watch this short video to see the FlypChart content workflow in action:

2. Modal edit screen

Editing content in FlypChart used to be a little clunky. Every time you wanted to update a piece of content it would open a new page, making the process take longer than it needs to.

So, we revolutionized this process by keeping everything on the one screen. Now you can literally plan, approve, and post all of your content without leaving LaunchPad!

See our new modal edit screen in action below:

3. Real-time updates

In the eyes of saving our users times and keeping everything in one place, we unlocked a way to make any content updates immediate.

What used to happen when moving content between approval stages, or editing the content itself, is that changes would only be truly reflected once the page was refreshed.

Now, changes are updated in real-time.

4. Social media post previews

This is a feature we only released this week, and it’s a beauty. A ton of users requested live social media previews for content so we had to make it happen. Previews are a critical part of the approval process if you truly want to keep everything in one app.

See them in action below:

5. WordPress improvements

One of the big drawcards of FlypChart compared with other social media tools is our integration with WordPress. But, to be honest, the way we were handling this integration needed some attention. Users were still needing to jump between platforms to publish a blog post because we didn’t have the settings they were after. Until now!

We’ve added the following functionality to our WordPress integration:

  • Author selection
  • Categories selection
  • Feature image upload
  • Meta description editing

We also simplified the process for integrating your WordPress website with the app which was a sticking point for some users.

PS. Read below to see what’s coming next…

What’s coming next?

I plan to write one of these blog posts more frequently from now on, but until the next one, here’s a sneak peek at what’s on our feature roadmap:

Next batch

  • In-app SEO optimization for blog posts – including recommendations for improvements.
  • Zapier integration – for automating even more of your content activity.
  • Streamlined onboarding for new users – making the setup process super-clean and easy.


  • Advanced team collaboration and project management features – including a content approval checklist, more in-depth user assignment and alerts, and in-content commenting.
  • Instagram integration
  • Robust analytics reporting – finally a place to track content marketing ROI across all channels 🙂

If you have any questions about any of this please leave a comment below or use the Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen.

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