Our Story


My name is Will Blunt and I am the Founder here at FlypChart.

Before starting this company I ran a content marketing agency called Blogger Sidekick.

For the most part, I loved it. When things were going well and our clients were happy, it was enjoyable.

But unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case.

I found myself in a constant battle between acquisition, retention, and delivery.

When we had a full book of clients it was busy and at times chaotic. Retention was hard because our resources were stretched.

Alternatively, when we needed to find new clients it was stressful. We were over-resourced and the revenue numbers weren’t matching the overheads.

Stressful and chaotic. That is probably the best way I could explain the feeling of managing multiple content clients at once.

It’s stressful because client retention is always on your mind and clients’ want visibility. It’s chaotic because there are so many moving parts and you have more than one content calendar to maintain. Staying organized can become overwhelming.

You are being pulled in so many different directions that coming up for air seems like a bigger priority than getting that next blog post out. This results in missed deadlines, a haphazard posting schedule, and things not getting done when they should.

The outcome? Unhappy clients and unnecessary stress for you.

To overcome this pain I was looking for something that would get our team organized, hold people accountable to deadlines, and provide adequate visibility for clients. But there was nothing on the market that ticked all the boxes.

That’s why I created FlypChart.

FlypChart helps you plan, schedule and post all of your marketing content from one place. This provides your clients’ with visibility, keeps your team organized so that nothing slips through the cracks, and holds everyone accountable for important deadlines.

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