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My name is Will Blunt and I am the Founder here at FlypChart (Formerly known as Blogger Sidekick).

Content marketing is my passion and I’ve worked in the space for over 5 years, predominantly as a strategist and writer.

A LOT has changed and evolved over that time, but one thing always stays true and consistent…

If you create content, of any form, that educates and informs your ideal customers, you will accrue trust, credibility, and thought leadership in your industry.

In fact, this way of thinking isn’t something particularly new. Businesses have been producing unique Intellectual Property, White Papers, Books, Events, and Training Camps for decades. Sure, the packaging and delivery of the content have adapted to the times, but the fundamental principles remain the same.

Our approach to content marketing is fairly simple:

  1. Start with the customer – Understand their problems and desires.
  2. Optimize for visibility – Search engines and or social media.
  3. Create something exceptional – High-quality content that inspires action.
  4. Emphasize distribution – Focus on building influence and earning eyeballs for the content you have created.

I’ve been privileged to collaborate with some of the content marketing industry’s most respected figures, including Jeff Bullas and Aaron Agius, and my content has been featured on a number of industry-leading publications, including The Huffington Post, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, Quick Sprout, Social Media Today, Business2Community and Yahoo News.

If you work with FlypChart, then you work with me.

Want to outsource content writing or get some advice about your strategy? Get in touch here.

Speak soon,

Will Blunt

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