"If you want to make planning and executing your marketing campaigns simpler and faster, you should check out FlypChart."

Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Expert and Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and Hello Bar

"I am often overwhelmed by the number of tools and apps I have to use to promote my products and content. This will be a game changer!"

Jeff Bullas, Voted the World’s Top Digital and Content Marketing Influencer                                   

“The best digital marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts - Emails, ads, blog posts, webinars and social messages... Not to mention the endless list of tools you need to visit to get these things done. Until now there hasn’t been a way to bring all of that together in one place. That’s what makes me so excited about FlypChart.”

Aaron Agius, Content Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of Louder Online



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Is FlypChart right for you?

The average digital marketer uses 12.4 different tools to support the execution of marketing campaigns. They are bogged down in multiple applications, lost in spreadsheets, and consumed by third party calendars. They are competing with big brands, with big budgets, and with powerful marketing software... Imagine if you could consolidate this effort, and generate big brand results, without the hefty price tag? Here's how FlypChart can help you do so:

Integrate With Other Platforms

Integrate FlypChart with the marketing tools that matter to your business. Create and schedule emails, blog posts, Facebook messages, Tweets, and LinkedIn shares all in a few clicks. Don't jump from tool to tool to get everything done, prepare it all in FlypChart.

Get Visibility Across All Of Your Marketing Activity

Don't get bogged down in multiple applications, or lost in spreadsheets and third party calendars. Use the FlypChart calendar to get visibility across all of your marketing activity and keep your team going in the same direction.

Plan Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign has a clear start and end date, and in between is all of your marketing content. From something as complex as a product launch, to something as simple as a weekly blog post - you can plan and schedule all of your marketing campaigns in one place using FlypChart.

Quickly Build and Replicate Campaigns

Use our proven plug and play campaign recipes to get better results from your marketing campaigns (with less effort). Or build a campaign yourself and quickly duplicate it to use next time you need it.

Collaborate With Your Team

You can invite as many users as you want to your FlypChart team. Assign content tasks, track their progress, and collaborate with your team all from the FlypChart application.

Never Miss Another Deadline

We have set up a number of important in-app, and email alerts and reminders to ensure that you never miss a marketing deadline again.

Get Help When You Need It

We are always here to answer any questions you may have over email, live chat and phone support. In our mind, no question is too big or too small, so don't hesitate to reach out. 


To get notified when we re-launch to the public

Get Notified When We Re-Launch