50 Digital Marketing Blogs That Are Essential Reading For Digital Teams and Agencies

Digital marketing is moving faster than ever…

If you look left twice at the next intersection, Facebook would’ve changed their algorithm.

What are you doing to hone your craft and stay relevant?

It’s not easy working in such a roller coaster industry. You can’t just learn your trade, open up a local business, and update your skills every couple of years. The learning is daily, and those that stop learning will be left behind.

But with clients, bosses, deadlines, and a social life knocking at your door… How do you make it happen?

One approach that has worked well for me over the years is to pinpoint the best minds in the industry and follow their every move. Listen to their podcasts, read their blogs, watch their YouTube videos, and keep up to date with their social posts. The key is to find a small group of trusted thought leaders who are renowned for breaking news, challenging the status quo, and turning up day after day with great content.

I track my choice of thought leaders with apps like Feedly, Stitcher, and other tools designed for curating and organizing content. Then, I use the daily commute to consume the best of the best.

So who are the best of the best?

I’ve put together a list of the 50 best digital marketing blogs to help you get started. Do I track all of these and read them every day? Absolutely not. But by including 50 you can pick and choose for yourself. Find the ones that hit a chord and resonate with your learning goals and career objectives.

Let’s get into it…

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuck - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/blog/

It won’t surprise anyone that Gary V made it to this list. His no BS approach to everything he does is polarizing, but mostly refreshing in a world of re-hashed tactics and unproven digital strategies.

His blog is made up of short reads, long reads, rants, videos, podcasts, and provocative thoughts. All of it is to the point and cuts through the noise.

A must-read for any serious digital marketers.

An article to get you started:

3 Ways to Start Accomplishing Your Goals

2. Seth Godin

Seth Godin - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

If Gary makes it, then Seth needs to as well. Despite rocking a design from the late 90’s, Seth’s blog provides daily bites of wisdom for anyone in business and marketing.

He challenges the status quo and encourages his readers to think differently about the world.

An article to get you started:

Caring is free

3. Sumo

Sumo - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://sumo.com/stories

The Sumo blog offers tips, trends, and advice on just about everything in digital marketing, with a weighting towards social media and content. For me, its best content is the “Sumo Case Studies” that are jam-packed with real-life data and strategies from some of the world’s fastest-growing digital brands.

An article to get you started:

Sumo Growth Study: How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://ahrefs.com/blog/

The team at ahrefs have done a great job of modernizing SEO. Their blog tinkers on the edge between old and new school search engine tactics, from keywords to link building and beyond. One of the strongest characteristics of this blog, and why it has made the list, is the data-driven nature of its content that is backed up by an engine of up-to-date SEO metrics.

An article to get you started:

How to Learn SEO in 2018 (and Stay Sane)

5. ConversionXL

ConversionXL - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://conversionxl.com/blog/

For the hardcore CRO’s and conversion experts out there, ConversionXL is your playground. It offers in-depth guides about everything from split testing to site optimization. Each guide is backed up by compelling case studies and layered with step-by-step visuals to help you take action.

An article to get you started:

6 Customer Journey Mapping Examples: How UX Pros Do It

6. Post Funnel

Post Funnel - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://postfunnel.com/

An obsession with traffic, conversion, and acquisition have left too many digital marketing blogs neglecting the side of marketing that actually helps businesses grow. The post-funnel customer experience.

Even though PostFunnel dips its toes on both sides of the fence, it comes from a customer-centric point of view. If you’re worried about retention, loyalty, experience, and customer success – read this blog.

An article to get you started:

Why Better Onboarding Means Less Churn: Proven Tactics You Can Try Today

7. Klient Boost

Klient Boost - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://klientboost.com/blog/

It’s pretty simple, if your business has anything to do with PPC advertising and you want to improve the conversion rate of your campaigns, then you should be staying up to date with the Klient Boost blog.

An article to get you started:

20-Step Google Analytics Audit: The Key To Improving Performance At Every Level

8. Copyhackers

Copyhackers - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://copyhackers.com/

The fine art of copywriting… where would your digital marketing strategy be without it? It’s a crucial skill to have on your team. The Copyhackers blog combine interesting copywriting case studies with hard-hitting advice to make this one a marketers favorite.

An article to get you started:

We did these 7 things to a SaaS onboarding email sequence, and it tripled paid conversions

9. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.digitalmarketer.com/blog/

Every blog on Digital Marketer is almost like a long-form sales page… But it works. They hook you in from start to finish with a combination of line-spacing, smart text formatting, quirky visuals, and lots of value. With a focus on what they call “Customer Value Optimization” this blog is a one stop shop for small business marketers.

An article to get you started:

Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business

10. AdEspresso

AdEspresso - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://adespresso.com/blog/

From Facebook ads to AdWords, AdEspresso is what I would consider the go-to source for paid digital marketing campaigns. Their articles are littered with GIFs, screenshots, and other engaging visuals that keep you interested and informed every step of the way.

An article to get you started:

16 Genius Ideas for Your Facebook Ad A/B Testing

11. Unbounce

Unbounce - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://unbounce.com/blog/

The Unbounce blog provides expert advice about landing page and conversion optimization (literally, they have a huge range of industry experts who share their expertise). Much like the other digital marketing blogs on this list they don’t spare any details with the depth and quality of their content.

An article to get you started:

Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time and Money? Data and Lessons Learned from 20 posts in 30 days.

12. Moz

Moz - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://moz.com/blog

The face of Moz, Rand Fishkin, has left the building… He’s moved onto new adventures and left behind the SEO blog that he made his own for so many years. As the trickle effect of his famous Whiteboard Friday videos comes to an end, there is a bit of a question mark over the future of the Moz blog. But it’s still an extensive library of resources for an SEO-focused digital marketer.

An article to get you started:

How to Rank in 2018: The SEO Checklist

13. Neil Patel

Neil Patel - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://neilpatel.com/blog/

When it comes to sheer quantity of content it’s hard to go past Neil Patel. The regularity and crazy depth of his blog articles are unmatched by anyone, anywhere.

An article to get you started:

4 Facebook Algorithm Hacks to Bring Your Reach Back from the Dead

14. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://buzzsumo.com/blog/

BuzzSumo brings a data-driven perspective to the digital marketing space. Due to the excessive amounts of data they are sitting on, it makes sense for them to use this to their advantage. So for those data geeks out there that are looking for hard metrics, data-backed theories, and one-of-kind research studies, this is the place to be.

An article to get you started:

We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research)

15. Jon Loomer

on Loomer - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.jonloomer.com/

Facebook… it’s the social network that we all love to hate. With rising awareness about data protection, politicians having their say, and a day-to-day panic about algorithm changes, just about every digital marketer on the planet has questioned the sustainability of Facebook as a marketing platform. But it keeps on keeping on. Because if your customers are there, then you need to be too.

To stay ahead of the game with your Facebook marketing, Jon Loomer’s blog is essential.

An article to get you started:

Facebook Messenger Ads: A Guide

16. Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.kevin-indig.com/

Kevin Indig is the SEO lead at Atlassian. He’s got a wealth of experience in SEO, customer acquisition, and other growth tactics, and he shares it all on his blog.

An article to get you started:

User intent mapping on steroids

17. VidYard

Vidyard - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.vidyard.com/blog/

A 2018 guide to digital marketing blogs wouldn’t be complete without video marketing, which is why Vidyard hits the list. As you can imagine their blog is layered with helpful video content that emphasizes the importance of personalizing the customer experience.

An article to get you started:

18. Content Marketing Institute

CMI - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/

Given their tenure, it’s safe to say that the Content Marketing Institute is a leading authority on all things content marketing. Whether you’re a PPC tragic who wants to upskill on content, or you’re a content marketing veteran, there will be something on this blog for you.

An article to get you started:

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

19. Traackr

Traackr - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://www.traackr.com/blog

The Traackr blog is a welcome addition to this list because it is specifically focused on influencer marketing. From planning an influencer campaign to ensuring you or your clients get a positive ROI, Traackr has got you covered.

An article to get you started:

A Blueprint for Scaling Enterprise Influencer Marketing

20. Falcon

Falcon - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.falcon.io/insights-hub/

The Falcon blog talks about social analytics, community engagement and governance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Don’t’ expect to see really long-form, in-depth content on their blog, but what they do provide is packed with visuals and interesting advice. If you’re looking for 5-minute reads that give you the info you need, Falcon might be for you.

An article to get you started:

What Are the Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2018?

21. HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing

On top of a team of internal expert writers, the HubSpot marketing blog also brings together the best minds in the business to provide how-to advice and trending knowledge. What started out as an “Inbound Marketing” blog has evolved into everything digital, productivity, and beyond.

An article to get you started:

Search Has Changed. Here’s How Your Content Needs to Evolve.

22. Later

Later - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://later.com/blog/

The Later platform enables you to plan and schedule Instagram posts… so you can imagine what their blog is all about! From making the most of new Instagram features, growing your audience, increasing engagement, and leveraging Instagram for Business – Later’s the place to be.

An article to get you started:

13 Hidden Hacks to Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

23. Help Scout

Help Scout - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.helpscout.net/blog/

The Help Scout blog taps into success, experience, service, and everything customer. It’s good, but where this content team really takes things up a notch is with their “Resources”. They have a library of beautifully designed pillar content for customer acquisition, support, and retention. You could get lost for days in here!

An article to get you started:

200,000 Customer Conversations Later: What I Wish I’d Known From Day One

24. Detailed (Formerly ViperChill)

Viperchill - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://detailed.com/blog/

Another SEO blog hits the list, and this one is a digital marketer’s mainstay… For years Glen Allsopp pushed the boundaries of the SEO industry with his blog Viperchill and has since moved his best-performing content across to Detailed. Should this one make your list? If you have anything to do with SEO then yes.

An article to get you started:

Content Marketing for SEO: 25 Proven Angles That Still Attract Links

25. InvisiblePPC

InvisiblePPC - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://invisibleppc.com/blog/

This blog made the list because it provides helpful information specifically for PPC agencies. Of course, for the average digital marketer, this may not sound interesting. But if you do run a PPC agency, then the laser-tight focus of the content makes it a compelling read.

An article to get you started:

How to Increase Client Retention by Developing Expert PPC Managers

26. Backlinko

Backlinko - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://backlinko.com/

Brian Dean is one of the original advocates behind the “publish less frequent but longer form content” trend. His Skyscraper Technique is famous within the blogging and SEO community and has started to leak into the greater digital marketing ecosystem.

An article to get you started:

Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days

27. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/

Kissmetrics have been at this content marketing thing for a while. Their blog is an industry favorite with tons of engagement and lots of in-depth value. If you want to learn more about analytics, data-driven marketing, and complex testing, then this is the place to be.

An article to get you started:

10 Ways Data Mining Can Help You Get a Competitive Edge

28. Leadpages

Leadpages - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.leadpages.net/blog/

What started at as a simple landing page builder has grown into a fully integrated marketing platform that accepts payments, creates ads, and builds entire funnels. Just as the Leadpages software has evolved, so too has their blog. Check it out for how-to guides about landing pages, Facebook advertising, and lead generation.

An article to get you started:

The Product Launch Method Demio Used to Acquire 450+ Annual Customers in 7 Days

29. Mention

Mention - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://mention.com/blog/

While there is a ton of advice about digital marketing, social media, and content in general, Mention’s blog provides the most value when it comes to reputation management, social media monitoring, and brand tracking.

An article to get you started:

30. Copyblogger

Copyblogger - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.copyblogger.com/blog/

Copyblogger is one of those “one-man show” blogs that has grown into a comprehensive resource library of extremely valuable content. Its main focus is on copywriting, as the name suggests, but it extends the advice to different aspects of content marketing as well.

An article to get you started:

3 Advanced Ways to Craft Better Sentences

31. Rejoiner

Rejoiner - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://rejoiner.com/resources/

Rejoiner’s blog is a recommendation for eCommerce marketers. It dives deep into all topics related to email marketing; such as deliverability, cart abandonment, engagement metrics, and more.

An article to get you started:

Email Marketing Metrics: The Complete Guide For Marketers [2018 Edition]

32. Venngage

Venngage - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://venngage.com/blog/

Venngage is the first digital marketing blog on this list that doubles down on visual content and the elements of virality. Think about design, font choice, viral psychology, and infographic creation.

An article to get you started:

Forget Stock Photos, Use These 8 Social Media Graphic Design Tips Instead

33. ReportGarden

Report Garden - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://reportgarden.com/blog/

This resource list wouldn’t be complete without a digital marketing blog that taps into metrics and reporting, which is why ReportGarden has made an appearance. They dip their blogging toes into all things digital, but their best advice is backed up by real reporting data and examples.

An article to get you started:

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Metrics

34. ShortStack

Shortstack - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.shortstack.com/blog/

ShortStack provides a huge backlog of helpful articles about interactive content, social media contests, and all the important bits in-between. If you ever use contests to engage an audience and generate leads, than ShortStack is a must read.

An article to get you started:

Everything You Need to Know about Running a Facebook Contest, Competition or Giveaway

35. Canva

Canva - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.canva.com/learn/business/

Canva’s blog started out as a hub for graphic design ideas and advice, but it has since evolved into an all-inclusive branding, social media, marketing, and design blog. As you can imagine, Canva takes visuals and design to the next level with their content, so it’s easy and enticing to consume. A great read for anyone looking to fine-tune their branding, design, and visual content knowledge.

An article to get you started:

How we increased Design School’s traffic to 1 million visits [and download the templates we used to do it]

36. Big Commerce

Big Commerce - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/

Big Commerce is another important resource for eCommerce marketers. They provide in-depth guides, eCommerce tips, strategies, and news. Basically everything you will ever need to accelerate the growth of your online store.

An article to get you started:

56 Experts Uncover the 13 Quickest Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

37. Foundr

Foundr - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://foundr.com/category/marketing/

This blog is an intriguing offshoot of the popular Foundr Magazine, which features top-tier entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins and tons more. The blog itself is built for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners. They go in-depth on the business and marketing topics that inspire growth.

An article to get you started:

Night Owls Rule! Why You Don’t Need to Get Up Early to Be Successful

38. Customer.io

Customer.io - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://customer.io/blog/

As the name of this business hints, this blog is all about the customer and their experience with your brand. If you want tips and advice on improving customer engagement, email marketing, and smart copywriting, then Customer.io needs to land on your Feedly. They do things a little differently than many of the blogs on this list, with shorter articles that provide snippets of value for you to put into action straight away.

An article to get you started:

How to Pull Off Data-Informed Marketing that Matters

39. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/

Social media is constantly changing. Something that may have been effective yesterday, may not be tomorrow. Social Media Examiner is going on that journey with the rest of us and they are almost always the first place to cover new topics and trending changes with social. It isn’t a stretch to say that Social Media Examiner is the largest resource of social media content on the web, it’s mammoth.

An article to get you started:

17+ Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2018 From the Pros

40. Orbit Media

Orbit Media - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/

Orbit Media’s blog takes an analytical look at content marketing, SEO, and web design best practices. They lean towards optimization and improving what you’ve already got, rather than recreating the wheel. In a web of content overload and “same-same” digital marketing content, they find a way to be unique. This is on my reading list for sure.

An article to get you started:

How to Increase Email Open Rates: 5 Key Success Factors with Examples

41. Mailshake

Mailshake - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.mailshake.com/

Sujan Patel leads the charge for the Mailshake blog and his wealth of content marketing experience shines through. The content is all about cold email, follow up sequences, and outbound marketing. So for those of you looking to ramp up your outreach efforts, add this to your list.

An article to get you started:

The Science of Email Copy: 5 Lessons from History’s Best Direct Response Copywriters

42. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: http://www.jeffbullas.com/

The Jeff Bullas blog offers a diverse style of content on all things digital business. From how-to articles about SEO, content marketing, and social media, to inspirational stories about Jeff’s personal journey, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

An article to get you started:

Content Marketing 101: All You Need To Know To Grow Your Business

43. Click Funnels

ClickFunnels - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.clickfunnels.com

The ClickFunnels blog is all about funnels, landing pages, ad compliance, and improving conversions. It’s one of many reminders on this list about the importance of content marketing, given its roots in paid acquisition.

An article to get you started:

Ultimate Marketer’s Blueprint To Funnel Hacking

44. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/

Think about anything to do with conversion optimization, A/B testing, and all things in-between, and you’ll find it on the Crazy Egg blog. They discuss web design, email marketing optimization, heat map analysis, content marketing testing, and tons more. Certainly not for beginners, but for experienced digital marketers this is a great resource.

An article to get you started:

30 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From

45. Benchmark

Benchmark - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.benchmarkemail.com/

Benchmark cranks out content about email marketing and marketing automation best practices. From the psychology of engagement to the technical optimization of email campaigns, Benchmark covers just about everything you can or will ever want to do with this marketing channel.

An article to get you started:

How to Pick the Best Free HTML Email Templates

46. TrackMaven

TrackMaven - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://trackmaven.com/blog/

As a marketing analytics platform, it’s no surprise that the TrackMaven blog focuses on data and improving the performance of your marketing investment. They also provide up-to-date trends and advice about marketing technology, which as you know is a fast pasted landscape. Having a go-to blog for this kind of info is invaluable.

An article to get you started:

Inside the Portland Trail Blazers’ Winning Marketing Playbook

47. Schedugram

Schedugram - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://schedugr.am/blog/

Back to the social media scheduling platforms, and this time it’s with Instagram management tool Schedugram. Their minimalist blog design has a way of drawing you in, but in stark contrast, they don’t hold back when it comes to the depth of their articles. If Instagram is in your marketing mix, check out this blog.

An article to get you started:

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Planning and Scheduling

48. Coredna

CoreDNA - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.coredna.com/blogs/

The Coredna blog is another beauty for digital marketing agencies who work with eCommerce businesses. They take a balanced look at both eCommerce growth and agency management from an analytical perspective. All of their written content is supported with a unique visual style and real data.

An article to get you started:

18 eCommerce Trends To Watch For In 2018

49. Klaviyo

Klaviyo - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://www.klaviyo.com/blog

Klaviyo is another blog focused on eCommerce, and how email marketing, Facebook, and Instagram can spur growth. Just like several other blogs on this list, they combine the written word with data-backed studies and engaging visuals.

An article to get you started:

How to optimize your 404 error pages for eCommerce

50. FOMO

FOMO - Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog URL: https://blog.usefomo.com/

We’re at 50, I bet you were thinking I was out of unique digital marketing blogs? Not quite… FOMO is one of the most creative blogs on the list.

This blog is all about social proof and how it plays a part in conversion optimization, A/B testing and increasing sales. They have a memorable theme to their brand with custom drawings and cartoons sprinkled throughout the website. Their content is jam-packed with value too.

An article to get you started:

The Quickstart Guide To Word of Mouth Marketing

Which of these digital marketing blogs will make it onto your reading list?


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