Before working with Will and his team, creating quality content was time consuming. I needed a quick and easy way to deliver content so I could focus on running my business. They helped take the hassle out of content creation. My main concern before working together was about whether they could deliver the same quality of work I was used to. I needn't have worried, as they exceeded my expectations - helping educate me on how to create better content. Together we have created a consistent flow of quality content which is the life blood of lead gen for my business.

Andy Farquharson, Director of APAC at Winning By Design

"The reason we contacted Will and his team was because we needed to execute a content marketing strategy and were looking for outside skills to help with both strategy and content production. Before working together our main concern was quality of content, but after a few calls Will had extracted key industry knowledge and insights which was then converted into an ebook and series of blog content. They have exceeded my expectations. We work in a very niche space but the content that they produce is like that of an industry expert."

Joseph Doyle, Digital Marketing Manager Flexsource Ireland                                

"Will and his team always produce quality, one-of-a-kind content which is meaningful and impactful for both the end consumer and Google. Their trusted service saves me massive amounts of time, and is a smart strategic move for any business wanting to get more traffic in the medium to longer term with earned media."

Greg Cassar, Leading Digital Marketing Business Coach & Founder of The Collective

"The time it takes to get content ready on a regular basis to build our online presence was a big problem for us. We understood the benefits of producing content but were time poor because of our involvement with our growing business. ​

Before working with Will and his team, getting the content right in terms of quality was one of our first concerns. However, after the very first ​article we received we realized that Will and his team provided us with great quality content that has matched our expectations ever since we started working together 10-months ago. 

After working together we increased traffic to our website and the engagement from our fans/followers on social media, especially via Facebook.​"

Aymeric Maudous, Business Development at MaisonNets

"I knew that good blog writing was something that could bring increased traffic to my website and also increase rankings on Google, but I wasn’t sure how to do it myself. Will and his team knew exactly how to put a strategy in place and roll it out in a systematic way with high quality pieces that brought a lot more people to the Gifted Australia website, and kept us at the front of our customers minds. Everything was transparent and taken care of. 

Before working together my main concern was that I didn’t have time to chase the work or go through it correcting lots of errors. They delivered content that was excellent the first time and hardly needed any tweaking. It was a relief and made the whole process easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Will and his team to anyone looking to grow their business through regularly published content. It was a pleasure to work together and I will certainly use these services again in the future."

Bronwyn Campbell, Founder & CEO of Gifted Australia

"Will and his team adds a valuable coat of logistical and editorial polish to our blogging and content marketing efforts, and is a valued member of our broader team."

Will Swayne, Digital Marketing Expert & Managing Director of Marketing Results

"FlypChart excels in its content writing services and has helped us smartly with our various content requirements. They have always delivered high-quality work within the decided timelines, and we are satisfied with their services."

OCTOS, Web Design and SEO Agency

"When I hired Will Blunt and his team I really needed help with my blog. I was blogging myself, but it was just too much, it was more than I could handle. I was so pleased when I got Will and his team involved, because they would always contribute high-quality content, freeing me up to focus on all the other important things I need to do in the business. I highly recommend this service."

Adam Franklin, co-author of Web Marketing That Works & Marketing Manager at Bluewire Media


To get your hands on high-quality blog content on autopilot every month. 

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To get your hands on high-quality blog content on autopilot every month. 

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Why do you need high-quality blog content?

The FlypChart content writing service is the ideal marketing investment if you are ready to scale your content marketing, but need expert resources to help you do it.

More Traffic and Search Engine Visibility

We help you create the right type of content - proven to perform well in search engines, on social media and with your ideal audience.

Quality Content That Isn't Reliant On You

This is not about hacking together a few 500-word posts and hoping for the best. Our rigorous blog researching, writing and editing process ensures unrivalled quality for the content you will publish. You will benefit from a disciplined approach to creating quality content for your blog that isn't reliant on you, or anyone else in your organization.

Time and Focus

Outsourcing blog writing gives you back valuable time to focus on other important initiatives in your business.

Authority and Thought Leadership

The words "authority" and "thought leadership" are thrown around all too often. Essentially it is all about how your customers perceive your credibility, and whether they trust you enough to buy what it is you sell. Producing high-quality content will position you as a leader in your industry.

Reduced Risk

By using our content writing service you get access to an experienced content marketing expert, and a content team specialized to deliver quality content. Hiring a full-time staff member, or an internal team with all of these skills, would cost you significantly more. Not to mention the reduced risk that comes with outsourcing.

First Class Service

Service is one of our core values here at FlypChart, it's not an option, but a pre-requisite for working with us, and a performance metric for all of our staff. Unlike other content agencies, we limit the workload of our team by accepting less clients and delivering bigger outcomes for each of them.

Can You Afford To Keep Going Like You Are?

What does content marketing really mean to you and your business?

Is it a priority? Does it make it onto the strategic agenda every quarter?

If it's not a priority, then don't take up the opportunity to work with us. We only want to work with businesses that intend on giving this everything they've got.

But if it is a priority, how much longer can you go at your current pace?

How much longer is it going to be ok to "push back that blog post" until next week?

How much longer are you going to take all of it on yourself, when you know you need help?

If you're done with spinning your wheels and de-prioritizing content - then this service is for you.

How are we different to other content writing services?

We get it, there are a lot of content writing services online that claim to offer quality blog content with a short turnaround time, for a much lower price than what we do. But you get what you pay for. Here are three important reasons why we are different:

Multiple Edits

We don't simply assign a writer to your content project and wipe our hands clean of responsibility. Every piece of content that is delivered to our customers goes through a rigorous planning, researching, and editing process. We are accountable to the quality of the content and nothing will be delivered to you unless it meets our extremely high quality standards.

Relevant Visuals

Relevant and engaging visuals are the difference between a good article, and a great article. They engage different senses than text-based content and keep readers interested and on your website for longer. Unlike other content writing services, our content includes well-researched visuals that accompany the written text. So when you receive the content, it will be ready to publish as it is without additional research.

Proven Quality

We have created literally thousands of high-quality blog posts for happy customers all over the world, in a long list of different industries. On this page alone there are compelling testimonials from business owners from the digital marketing, eCommerce, education, business training, real estate, and recruitment industries. Quality is kind of our thing, and we obsess over it.



To get your hands on high-quality blog content on autopilot every month. 

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"I engaged Will Blunt and his team as I needed someone who understood the challenges of building a business with blogging. They have freed me up from the daily grind of editing, publishing and marketing our posts. Their writing skills and attention to detail have allowed me to concentrate on other vital projects. How would I describe Will and his team? In two words... willing and awesome!"

Jeff Bullas, Social Media Expert & Founder of